Melanie and Laurie

Melanie and Laurie have been best friends for over a decade, supporting each other through life's ups and downs with jobs and families, acting as one another's biggest cheerleaders. Laurie owned a successful dance studio for 33 years, helping countless young people grow in confidence and self-expression. Melanie worked as a Marketing Consultant, helping businesses grow through creative advertising campaigns, as well as freelancing as a writer. When the pandemic hit, Laurie's studio was forced to close its doors and Melanie's advertising career slowed significantly. So, what do artists do when their art is taken? Create something new! We looked at each other and decided it was time for our second act and we couldn't think of anything better than building something great with your closest friend. Laurie had already been providing design assistance to family, friends, and friends of friends. With more time on her hands, she committed to learning about design and fell in love with it. With her passion for design and Melanie’s marketing background, we decided to combine our artistic talents and Equity Home Staging and Design was born.

Your home designed beautifully

Our Design Process Includes Assessing 8-Steps in Each Room in Order to Feel Home


First Impressions


Eliminating Clutter


Emphasizing the Positive


Lighting Layers


Home Buyer or Owner Appeal


Obligations in Repair and Replacement




Emotional Connections Points-"Wow Factor"